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United Way Grants

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United Way of the Wabash Valley (UWWV) is committed to achieving literacy in the Wabash Valley. Its Success By 6® program is an initiative designed to provide every child with the opportunity to develop basic reading skills so that they may enter kindergarten ready to learn.

It is essential for the community to recognize that learning begins at birth and the foundations for learning are established during the developmental years of birth-6. UWWV provides grants designed to assist early childhood educators and child care providers with tools that support this initiative.

Family Literacy Mini-Grants

This annual grant funds early childhood educators and child care providers to conduct literacy events that nurture a love for reading and learning in young children (0-5) and their families. A key element in these grants is family involvement, to encourage increased literacy activities within the home.


Professional Development Grants

This open grant program funds child care providers and early education professionals who work with children ages 0-6 to attend continuing education programs.

United Way of the Wabash Valley Grant Funds Available

Mini-Grant application for Early Childhood Literacy Projects 2016-2017

For more information about completing the Mini-Grant for Early Childhood Literacy Projects, please view the Grant Application Webinar

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