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Child Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention

Created by the FSSA, Office of Early Learning and Out of School Care Health Consultants, this one hour training provides participants with information on the prevalence of abuse and neglect, causes and prevention of abuse and neglect, and how to report abuse and neglect. This training will meet the standard for completing Child Abuse Detection and Prevention training as required by Indiana law for Unlicensed CCDF providers as well as any other child care providers who are required to complete the training.

Indiana’s Health and Safety Orientation: Safety- Module 3 Part 2 Hazards

Hazards - has topics related to the safety of children. Providers will identify safety hazards that could be present in an early childhood learning environment. Providers will create emergency plans for keeping children safe. Procedures for storing mediation and hazardous materials and transportation rules will be reviewed and examined.


Big Impact: Megan & Sara

Megan Longenecker, an Indiana State University student, became a Big Sister...